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(The window closes soon in Missouri…)

Have you ever hit your forehead and screamed, “HOW DID THESE IDIOTS GET ON THE BALLOT?”

Have you ever realized that simply waving signs and making phone calls are not working when it comes to forcing our politicians to act responsibly?

The biggest reason things seldom change in politics is because the average citizen doesn’t know that the election cycle doesn’t start with the Primary Election when the public first notices that the ballot is devoid of statesmen. The election cycle begins with filing for office months before you ever see the candidates’ names and, by the time you notice, it is far too late to act. Yes, if you want to change politics in America you have to sneak into the political house (fortified castles really) when the window is open.

Every two years, in most states, a window opens for citizens/patriots to reclaim our government. This window is the filing period completed months before elections are ever held. However, we are not just talking about elections to County or State office that you see on the ballot each primary season. We are especially talking about elections to the Precinct, Ward, or Township positions that comprise the first tier of political party organization across the states: the County Committees. These are the most powerful positions in America because they actually cast votes for local party leadership and truly have the power to make things different. Yet you will seldom see these on the ballot because half the positions are never filled and most of the other half are usually uncontested (only one person files). After your bi-annual Primary Election is held (in August of odd numbered years in Missouri), the county committees of each political party hold their re-organizational meetings electing their leadership teams for the next two-year cycle. THIS is where the battle for America can be won because these people gain exponentially greater access to our elected officials in Washington, D.C than you will ever have standing on a street corner holding a sign in your home town or even Washington, DC.

Most county’s political committees are ignored by local citizens who don’t want to get involved in the “dirty business” of politics or who think they are too busy going to work or to age-group sporting events. Meanwhile, the fox is guarding the hen house as elitist elected officials make a few phone calls and ask their “trusted” friends to staff the local political organization (parties). When their “trusted” friend says, I wouldn’t know what to do,” the politician says , “Don’t worry. I will tell you what to do. Oh, and by the way, I can get you some free tickets to the next Cardinals’ baseball game.”

Friends, if this scenario keeps playing itself out, there won’t be any America left.  Have you noticed how fast our country is unraveling?  However,  we still have the freedom to repopulate the nation’s political parties with informed patriots who know the Principles of Freedom and can’t be bought or bullied by selfish pols more interested in their next step up the ladder than what’s best for our kids and country. That’s where YOU come in. If your child had a ball game or a piano recital across the state, you would think nothing of driving three hours to attend it. Well, now our children are facing unmanageable debt that will make them slaves for decades. We each have the opportunity to reclaim our corrupted political process.

Several groups stand ready to help coach you along the way if you will get involved while there is still time to salvage this mess.  This includes: the Precinct Project (nationwide), and Putnam’s Patriots or MO Pricinct Project (in Missouri). The first step is to call your County Election Office or County Clerk and find out when YOUR filing window is open. (In Missouri, the window is now open until Tuesday, March 25, 2014.) The Missouri Model on my website will give you the big picture. If you haven’t read that yet, PLEASE, if you truly want to make a difference, do so immediately and then give me a call for specifics at 417-674-1946. We’ve got a country to rescue! The WINDOW IN MISSOURI IS CLOSING FAST!  TODAY IS THE DAY TO CHECK AND SEE IF IT IS STILL OPEN IN YOUR STATE?

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