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     What should we do when we see corruption in government at the state and national level?  Most people simply hope for a better outcome in the next November General Election.  Some rally or rant that we should throw all incumbents out of office or pledge to vote for a third party that is uncorrupted by years of power.  Thomas Jefferson and Moses (yes, Moses) suggested a better way for dealing with political leaders who have become corrupt or insensitive to the will of the people…

“The article nearest my heart is the division of counties into wards (now often called precincts, townships, or parishes – Ed)… should they (America’s leaders) become corrupt and perverted, the division into wards constituting the people…, enables them by that organization to crush, regularly and peaceably, the usurpations of their unfaithful agents, and rescues them from the dreadful necessity of doing it insurrectionally.  In this way, we shall… secure the continuance of purity in our government by the salutary, peaceable, and regular control of the people.”  – Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval, 1816. ME 15:70


“Select, out of all the people, able men who fear Godlove truth, those who hate dishonest gain (KJV= covetousness); and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens. Let them judge the people at all times; and let it be that every major dispute they will bring to you, but every minor dispute they themselves will judge.  So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you. If you do this thing and God so commands you, then you will be able to endure, and all these people also will go to their place in peace.”  – Jethro to Moses, Exodus 18:21-23

     Every county in America is subdivided into precincts, wards, townships, or parishes (all synonymous terms). There are approximately, 183,000 precincts in the 50 states.  The voters of each precinct, according to their state’s laws, can elect or appoint one man and one woman to represent the people of that precinct in their political party’s organizational structure (sometimes called the party “machine”).  The precinct chairs/executives become members of their county committee and elect their county committee’s Chair and Vice-Chair who, in turn, help elect their Party’s State Committee; plus, they largely influence which candidates will run (and most likely be elected) in their party’s primary election and who, subsequently, will carry their party’s banner in the November General Elections. 

     In most cases, the existing corruption of “Party Bosses” is due to the precinct captains’ ignorance or apathy about their role.  Nationwide, half of these positions sit empty and most voters no longer even know they exist.  If Constitutional conservatives will fulfill the precinct leader’s role and elect Constitutional conservative chairs and vice-chairs to their county committees, we can cleanse our representative form of government in very short order.  This is assuming the men and women who fill the precinct position have the wisdom of  Cleon Skousen gleaned from The Five Thousand Year Leap and the virtue of George Washington (see Glenn Beck’s Being George Washington).

     The exact way these elections take place varies significantly in each state but their powers are similar.  It is these voting members of the political party structure that determine it’s direction.  The ONLY way to permanently return our misguided political parties to Constitutional integrity, is to understand how these state organizations work, use the “Ward System,” and bind the Party candidates down with the “chains of the Constitution.”   This was no transient idea held by Jefferson who referred to the wards variously as:

  • “little republics” that are “the main strength of the great one” and “the vigor given to our revolution” in his letter to John Tyler in 1810.
  • “the way to have good and safe government” in a letter to Joseph C. Cabell in 1816
  • the wisest invention ever devised by the wit of man for the perfect exercise of self-government and for its preservation” in his letter to Samuel Kercheval in 1816.

To get a general overview of how this election process happens, let’s look at the state of Missouri as an example. 

1.  First, you must understand your state’s existing political structure.  In Missouri, there are:

A. 3425 Precincts

B. 114 Counties 

C. 163 Legislative Districts 

D. 34 Senatorial Districts

E. 8 Congressional Districts

2. Next, you must understand how your political party’s organizational structure is constituted:

A.  It is imperative that you understand how your party’s voting members are elected if you are to influence whether Constitutional Conservatives or Progressives will determine the direction of your party in your state.

B.  If you elect to become a Precinct Patriot and fill out the form below, we will send you a copy of the MO GOP Organizational Chart to use as a guideline in understanding your own state’s structure.

3.   Understand the duties of precinct, ward, or township “captains” or committeemen/women.

A.   Help identify faithful voters & potential voters in your precinct.

B.  Help maintain the integrity of your precincts voter registration records using the tools at  True The Vote.

C.   Assist Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts in their county.

D.   Most importantly, elect party officials during reorganization (County & Legislative  District Chairs & Vice-Chairs).  These people, in turn, largely determine the Party’s Constitutional faithfulness at the state level and may go on to serve on the Party’s State and National Committees.

4.   You must understand your party’s election requirements and election calendar.  Non-Missouri states can use the map below to find key resources to help them find assistance, but to give a sense of the flow, we, again, highlight Missouri:

A.   Feb. 25, 2014 to 5:00 pm, March 25, 2014: Filing period for all county office primary elections. (This includes the important positions of Committeeman and Committeewoman that constitute the county committees for each political party. The people on these committees control the philosophy and direction of the state and national parties, i.e. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitution and all other active political parties.) Check with your local county election officials or your party’s County Chair to learn the exact procedure for filing for this office.

B.   August 5, 2014: Primary Election Day for County and State Offices including contested races for precinct, ward, or township “captains” (committeemen & committeewomen). Uncontested precinct races win automatically and do not appear on the ballot in Missouri.

C.    August 19, 2014: County Committees of all Missouri political parties reorganize electing their Chair and Vice-Chair.

D.   August 20, 2014: Legislative District Committees reorganize by Party electing their Chairs and Vice-Chairs.

E.   August 23, 2014: Senatorial District Committees reorganize by Party electing their committee officers.

F.     August 26, 2014: Congressional District Committees reorganize by Party electing their committee officers.

G.   December 6?, 2014: State Committeeman & Committeewoman elected for each Senatorial District.

 Use the map below developed by to find resources to assist you in determining your state’s election calendar and requirements for becoming a Precinct Patriot in your state:



5. You must file for the committeeman/woman position in your Precinct during the filing window and win election in your party’s primary or local caucus.*  (In MO, the Precinct Committeemen & women are elected at the Primary held on 8/5/2014.)

To truly influence the makeup and direction of your party’s  State Committee and their “steering” or Executive Committee, you will need to elect Constitutional conservatives to the following leadership positions.  (Missourians can use the associated links below to learn who currently holds these positions in MO.):

• County Chair & Vice-Chair requiring a majority of precinct committee votes from each county. (MO election held on 8/19/2014.) MO County Leaders
• Legislative District Chair & Vice-Chair requiring a majority of precinct committee votes from each legislative district.  (MO election held on 8/20/2014 or in some cases on 8/19). MO LD Leaders
• Senatorial District Chair & Vice-Chair requiring a majority of County & LD Chairs & Vice-Chairs who make up the Senatorial District Committee.  (MO election held on 8/23/2014.) MO SD Leaders
• Congressional District Chair & V-Chair requiring a majority of County & LD Chairs & V-Chairs who make up the Congressional District Committee.  (MO elected on 8/26/2014.) MO CD Leaders
• State Committeeman & woman requiring a majority of County & LD Chairs & Vice-Chairs who serve on the Senatorial District Committee.  (MO election held on 12/6/2014?.) MO State Committee
• State Party Chairman & Vice-Chair requiring a majority of votes on the State Committee.  (Date TBA in December 2012 or early 2015). MO State Party Leaders

6.  You must know the rules which govern the structure and election process of these elected positions.    

Some people think these party officials choose the candidates for higher office. This is not true in MO where any eligible candidate can file to be the party’s nominee.  However, party officials have a strong influence on who wins the Primary because of their influence in recruiting and endorsing candidates. They also influence whether the Party stays philosophically true to its platform. There is no reason why YOU cannot become a Precinct Patriot and be one who influences these decisions.   Here are just two examples from the 2010 election cycle…

Jerry WadelJerry Wadel – Nevada, MO:
Jerry had been a FairTax supporter for a few years and wants to see SERIOUS tax reform addressed by the Republican Party.  In February of 2010, he filed to be a Vernon County Committeeman from his precinct. In the Aug. Primary, he was elected and at the reorganization meetings the following week, the Vernon County Central Committee saw his great commitment and elected him County Chairman.
Sue CookSue Cook – Farmington, MO: In March of 2010, Sue called in a somewhat timid voice and asked, “Do you think I could be a precinct committeewoman in my county.”  I said, “Of course you can!” and coached her through the process.  The next time I saw Sue was at the MO Republican State Committee meeting!  Because of her vibrant spirit and noticed activism, she was encouraged to serve as the State Committeewoman from her Senatorial District and she won that election as well.

      If you are still wondering if you need to get involved at this level, please watch the following cartoon and picture yourself as John Q. Public who is the Precinct Patriot in this clever little 1940’s film: Make Mine Freedom

Just use this form to enlist and we will send you a step-by-step outline detailing how to run for and win your precinct chair position:

  Yes, I would like to learn how to become a precinct patriot. Please send me instructions!


(County not Country)

A.  Does the current office holder or announced candidate have a history of integrity in their current/prior employment or office?

B.  Can they explain the job description of the precinct executive?

C.  Do they know the rules and requirements of the Constitution they will swear to preserve, protect, and defend? (Download our questionnaires to assist you with determining who is a Constitutional Conservative.)

D.  If they are currently serving, have they been actively attending meetings and fulfilling their duties?

E.  Have they voted, in the past, for party leadership that is committed to upholding the State and U.S. Constitutions?

F.  If not, consider filing yourself and serving as a Precinct Patriot.

Links to assist you:

*When you fill out the form above, we will send you:

  • Our Step-by-Step Guide for filing, running, and getting elected to your precinct’s executive office (becoming a Precinct Patriot).
  • A template for a flyer you can adapt for your neighborhood campaign to be precinct committeeman or committeewoman.
  • A sample organizational chart showing Missouri’s GOP structure for you to use as you determine your own state’s party organizational structure.

Extra Assignment:

Learn what kind of Government System the Founders
actually gave us: Republic vs Democracy

(10 minute video clip)

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